Customized Cakes

Looking for some impeccable specially customized cakes to surprise your loved ones? Sallah Bakery will give you the best quality special customized cakes in Dubai. The cakes are all customizable starting from the design to the message that you want to put on the cake, all will be taken care of by Sallah bakery. The cakes are made exactly as per your likings and has one of the finest taste available in Dubai. Put in your dream cake design, and Ben rest assured for your dream to be turned into reality on the cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cake size that is available is of 2kg.

The cake serves around 18-20 people, good enough for a party.

Yes, you can give us the message you want to put on the cake or even the design that you want on the cake.

Yes, even the flavour of eh cake can be chosen by you.

Yes, if you want any note to added along with the cake, we will take care of it.

Yes, we deliver the cakes to your doorstep with utmost care.

The cake should be consumed within 48 hours of delivery.

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