Keto Bread in Dubai

Craving for some good breads but on a keto diet? Worry no more! Find Keto Bread, cakes and desertsonly at Sallah Bakery and satisfy your craving without actually ruining your diet. Sallah Bakery has the finest quality keto breads, loafs, bagel, doughnuts, burger buns, chocolate muffins, Strawberry and cinnamon, blueberry muffins. All the products are gluten free and are absolutely healthy, and are go to products for all those healty people on a diet. Munch on all savouries guilt free, only from Sallah Bakery.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our keto products are gluten free and apt for the healty people on a keto diet.

Some of our keto breads and savouries are vegetarian and some are dairy free. Please check our products description.

Yes, we deliver in Dubai and all UAE in refrigerated vans, so that the deserts and cakes reach to you fresh in perfect condition.

Almond flour, psyllium husk, baking powder, salt, water, vinegar, egg white, coconut flour, yeast, salt, sunflower oil are used while preparing keto loafs.

Yes, it can be a good item that can be added to your keto diet.

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