Find the finest chocolate muffins in Dubai only at Sallah Bakery. The best quality muffins, curated with utmost care and personalization, that will make the you come back for more. The muffins are available in different variants such as Pumpkin crumb muffins, gingerbread muffins, double chocolate muffins, apple cinnamon muffins, raspberry chocolate muffins, cranberry cardamom muffins , triple chocolate muffins to name a few. The muffins don’t just look amazing, their quality is even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

The muffins come in 3 sizes mini, medium and Regular.

Mini muffins come in a 15 pieces box.
Medium muffins come in a 10 pieces box.
Regular muffins come in a 6 pieces box.

Yes, we deliver in Dubai and all UAE in refrigerated vans, so that the deserts and cakes reach to you fresh in perfect condition.

No, we don’t have eggless muffins yet, but we have keto, gluten-free and other healthy muffins.

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