Special Cakes

Birthdays are incomplete without cutting a cake, and comprising on the quality of a cake is always a no. Get the best quality Birthday Cakes in Dubai and all UAE only at Sallah Bakery. Flavours such as Dark Chocolate Strawberry Tart, Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake, Strawberry tart, Fruit tart cake, Honey cake, Black Forest Cake and more are available. You can even book your special cake through our website, anywhere and anytime, hassle free. The cakes are all well decorated and are for sure a treat to the eyes. Not only the looks, the fine taste will make you carve for more!


The cakes should be consumed within 3 days after delivery and kept in the fridge.
Make sure that the cake is refrigerated as soon as it is delivered..
Our 0.5kg cakes cater to around 4-6 people.
1kg cakes cater to around 6-10 people.
1.5kg cakes cater to around 10-12 people.
How are the deliveries made?
All deliveries are made in refrigerated vans, so that the deserts and cakes reaches to you fresh in perfect condition.
All the cakes are delivered in the time slots that are selected by you.

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